Today's small and medium sized businesses no longer have the luxury to ignore their network infrastructure. Fifteen years ago your business could operate without a computer. Ten years ago you didn't need computers networked together; floppy drives, zip disks, and flash drives let you move files back and forth. The current technology landscape is different. Computers must be interconnected. You need access to the internet, email, customer and vendor intranets, etc. Your business relies on your network and secure access to the outside world. Customers have smart phones, tablets, laptops, and netbooks and they expect to use them to access your company website. They also expect to have reliable wifi access while they wait on your products and services.

While providing this form of service benefits your customers, and ultimately your business, YOU rely on your infrastructure even more. Today's mobile devices can provide you with anytime, anywhere access to your company's resources. Need to access that important document from your smartphone? No problem. Want to work from home today? Or maybe Starbucks? Done. Using cloud services, virtual private networks (VPNs), wifi, smartphones, and other technology, the modern workplace has changed forever.

Our network consultants can assist you in evaluating your current infrastructure, assessing your business' network needs, securing your network, and providing options for redundant network accessibility. We can provide you with a choice of options to make your network work for you. To guarantee the professionalism and technical ability of our consultants, we have Cisco certified associates providing our network services.

Server Administration Services

You may also have various servers in your business depending on the type of services you need. We can also provide administration on these systems to allow for user authentication, file and print services, automated backups. Our current list of server operating systems supported is:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2003 - No longer supported by Microsoft
  • Windows 2000 - No longer supported by Microsoft

Contact us for help administering your DHCP, DNS, AD, IIS, and FTP servers.